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You can now download the DSM Add-in recompiled to work with Reflector version 7 – see ┬áThe previous version compiled for version 6 is still available from the same link Advertisements

The version of the plugin available at is now a version compatible with version 5 of the Reflector.

My DSM Plugin for .NET uses some features of .Net framework v2 so it requires v2 of the runtime installed on the same machine. However on a friend’s machine we couldn’t get the plugin to work even though v2 was installed – Reflector kept running under v1 of the framework and so wouldn’t load my […]

Finally …


A while ago I stumbled across an exciting tool – exciting, at least in terms of software architecture and software quality. Instead of using boxes and arrows, the Dependency Structure Matrix displays the architecture of an application in the form of a matrix – a much more condensed and accessible method of visualising module coupling. […]